Project Examples

2016/2017 Sample Projects

900 & 990 South Broadway – Denver, CO
Preventative Maintenance Project
Arc Flash, Coordination & Short Circuit Project
Client: Everwest Property Services
Program: Switchgear testing for 2.4 kV and 480V equipment. Maintenance and repair of switchgear. Circuit breaker testing. Arc Flash and Short Circuit study including calculations, gear labeling, and safety procedures.

Alpha Recovery & Main Service Upgrades – Centennial, CO
Client: Kestrel Architecture
Program: Upgrade of main service equipment to accommodate new tenant including bussed wireway extension. Tenant improvement electrical design.

Visa Administration Building – Highlands Ranch, CO
Preventative Maintenance Project
Energy Star Metering Project
Electric Water Heater Installation
Client: Visa Inc.
Program: Switchgear testing for 480V main gear and maintenance procedures. Addition of energy star metering via Schneider PowerLogic system. Installation of 30 kW electric water heater for fitness area.

Visa Administration Building – Highlands Ranch, CO
IDF Rooms Power Project
Client: Visa Inc.
Program: Installation of power panelboards in IDF rooms in four floors of Visa Admin Building. Power redistribution of electrical panels and addition of 150 kVA transformer.

Dish Network Riverfront Facility Chiller Replacement – Littleton, CO
Client: McGrath Inc,. Haynes Mechanical
Program: Installation of new facility chiller and pumps. Electrical design to accommodate new chiller.

AMD Lab Cooling Project – Fort Collins, CO
Client – AMD
Program: Installation of new Liebert mini-mate AC units for cooling of Lab area for testing of AMD computer equipment

Tire Centers LLC – Denver, CO
Office Renovations
Client: Yamaguchi Martin Architects
Program: Office renovations for tire distributing company. Electrical panel addition and as builts.

AMD Arc Flash Study – Fort Collins, CO
Client: AMD
Program: Arc Flash, short circuit and coordination study for switchgear and panelboards at AMD facility.

Derive Systems – Broomfield, CO
Client: Kestrel Architecture
Program: Tenant improvement for Automotive computer enhancement company. Electrical service modifications and LED lighting.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal Office Facilities – Commerce City, CO
Client: Kestrel Architecture
Program: Interior renovations for RMA US Army headquarters facilities including new LED lighting, lighting controls, power re-distribution and mechanical system upgrades.

Visa Fitness Water Heaters & Cooling – Highlands Ranch, CO
Client: Visa Inc.
Program: Design Build project for installation of 30 kW electric water heater and security offices cooling modifications.

Red Rocks Community College – Arvada, CO
Client: McGrath Inc.
Program: Power for new rooftop unit equipment for Community College.



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